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Esencia Health Recovery through Relaxation :

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Esencia Sport Practitioner - Relaxation and Health Recovery

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How to Relax: Training and Sessions

To consistently perform at your best you need to know

How to relax deeply and recover quickly.

In the time available rest alone is not enough!

We now need to actively and intensively relax to keep ahead

Relax deeper, recover quicker, feel better.

Choose Esencia Relaxation®.

Relax, Unwind, Recover to your Rested Best®,  

Experience it to know it .…

you'll be glad you did.

What we are offering you >

     If you can recover more effectively then your ability

    to perform can be sustained or ultimately improved.

    Feel Better ‘now’

 Personal Health Recovery / Active Intensive Relaxation

Esnecia Relaxation, Relax Deeper, Recover Quicker, Perform Better

Relax with Esencia

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IPHM and Esencia Relaxation - Rested Best Courses


We are an expanding company, readily working with interested groups and businesses that are looking for an exciting and simple solution to achieving peak performance through deep and quick relaxation practices.

Esencia Relaxation®

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What good is relaxation when ‘I’m Stressed’ ?

Online Training Courses
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